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Tanah Rata , Cameron Highland



Main Wing Area

Type of Room Off Peak Season Peak Season
Junior Suite
Elgin RM380.00 RM440.00
Executive Suites
Fairhaven RM420.00 RM500.00
GwenLaura RM420.00 RM500.00
Glenlee RM420.00 RM500.00
Windemere RM420.00 RM500.00
Royal Pahang RM420.00 RM500.00
Croft RM420.00 RM500.00
Cottage 2 RM420.00 RM500.00
Cottage 3 RM420.00 RM500.00
Spencer RM420.00 RM500.00
Highland Suites
Garden RM520.00 RM590.00
Warwick RM520.00 RM590.00
Ambleside RM520.00 RM590.00
Wycombe RM520.00 RM590.00
Cottage 1 RM520.00 RM590.00
Honeymoon Suite
Squire RM600.00 RM700.00
Family Suites
Hazelwell RM600.00 RM720.00
Glenmore RM600.00 RM720.00
Cottage RM900.00 RM1,250.00

New Wing Area

Executive Suites
Hilltop 1 RM430.00 RM500.00
Hilltop 3 RM430.00 RM500.00
Hermitage RM430.00 RM500.00
Deluxe Rooms
Hilltop 2 RM330.00 RM400.00
Hilltop 5 RM330.00 RM400.00
Halcyon 2 RM330.00 RM400.00
Halcyon 1 RM330.00 RM400.00
Halcyon 3 RM330.00 RM400.00
Library 2 RM330.00 RM400.00
Halcyon RM1,400.00 RM1,800.00
Hilltop RM1,400.00 RM1,800.00


*All rates are qouted in Ringgit Malaysia inclusive of prevailing taxes and full english breakfast.